Coffee Planet launches coffee on tap with nitro cold brew

Coffee Planet, the UAE’s leading coffee roaster, has introduced a new cold brew and a nitro coffee to its specialty 100% Arabica coffee portfolio, exclusively for foodservice clients.

The new cold brew is a Burundi medium roast single origin, which combines almonds, hazelnuts and honey sweetness with a low acidity and full body while the new nitro coffee, is a Brazilian single origin with a hint of milk chocolate, crushed almonds and a caramel sweetness with a medium body.

Cold brew coffee is crafted via a long-term filtering method without heat and nitro coffee is cold brewed and then infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurised valve for a creamy effect.

As the trend for specialty coffee continues to flourish amongst consumers in the region, the new blends represent Coffee Planet’s responsibility to meet these demands for clients.

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