CSS announces summer savings packages for UAE residents

City Sightseeing Sharjah (CSS) has announced a brand new series of discounted packages over the entire summer period to enable UAE residents to see more of the emirate they love and take a real look into its unique history, culture and attractions.

The CSS buses have become an icon of Sharjah tourism and the new offers will provide a new opportunity to enjoy 24- and 48-hour tours.

The 24-hour option from CSS, which was launched by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in collaboration with City Sightseeing Worldwide, is dedicated exclusively to sightseeing in Sharjah, providing the chance to appreciate the reasons behind the city’s titles of ‘Islamic Culture Capital’ and ‘Cultural Capital of the Arab World’.

The ticket entitles passengers to enjoy cultural, leisure and night tours, and offers advice on discounts for restaurants, shopping and attractions.

The 48-hour (Explorer) ticket offers a similar package, but it also includes a free ride on the Eye of Emirates, free entrance to Sharjah Aquarium and Maritime Museum, free entrance to seven museums along the tour and free entrance to Al Noor Island and Butterfly House.

The summer offer runs June, July, August and September, and – with the exception of the Explorer package – children below 12 years old are free. On showing their Emirates IDs, passengers will be entitled to a 50% discount for 24-hour tickets (Dh50 above 12 years old) and a 20% discount for 48-hour/Explorer tickets (Dh120 for adults and Dh65 for 5-12 year olds.) The 24-hour and 48-hour options are valid for 72-hours during the summer.

Ahmed Al Qaseer, COO of Shurooq, said the sightseeing attraction is not just an incentive to draw overseas tourists to the emirate, but a way for residents to enjoy their homeland from a different perspective: “City Sightseeing Sharjah is widely recognised as one of the most distinctive and successful features of the emirate’s tourist attractions, and is immensely valuable for the emirate’s residents alike.

The citizens of Sharjah have always been very proud of their home and they have every right to be. Through City Sightseeing Sharjah, they will learn that there is even more they can take pride in than they know.

City Sightseeing Sharjah was ranked top tourist activity in Sharjah by renowned tourism website TripAdvisor.