Duchess Kate mocked as a gold digger

Chinese tourism officials have produced a video clip in which lookalikes of Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William as well as the Queen are featured.

The film shows the royal trio trying to hail a cab to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, as the Queen lookalike inists on saving money.

Kate's lookalike throws a tantrum: "I just don't understand why we cannot take the royal limo. I didn't marry royalty to schlep around in a taxi."

While the Prince William lookalike can be seen placating his wife. He explains to Kate: Commoners want to see us tightening our belts."

An irate Kate complains: "Rubbish, people want to see that they can be like us if they just work hard".

The Queen lookalike gives Kate a telling look and says: "Like you did?"

The promotional video is running on social networking sites. Although a Chinese association, Chengdu Association, insists it is harmless "fun", it is definitely not in good taste.

The video clip was filmed in south-east London, for the Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries.