Emirates, Etihad hiring cabin crew: How to groom yourself


Emirates 24|7 has earlier reported two of the UAE's and world's biggest airlines – Dubai-based Emirates airline and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways – are on a hiring spree in April.

Etihad will conduct assessment days in Abu Dhabi on April 17th and 24th. Click here for other dates around the globe.

So if you are aiming to fly high on assessment day you need to impress your interviewers.

Ms Jabery, a former Etihad flight attendant, recalls her assessment day and says, "One needs to stand out from the hundreds of candidates who come for interview, and soon be on your way to your dream cabin crew career."

On Time

She gives us an insight about the art of making a good first impression and says, "First and foremost - don't be late. Get to the assessment centre early if needed and soak in the atmosphere. Get yourself accustomed while the room will be filled with prospective colleagues. No point running out of time and stressing on the big day.

"Make sure you look professional. This is crucial, as potential crew are judged on appearance and those first five seconds of meeting the recruitment team are essential for making a good impression."


"Do not turn up in your national dress and maintain decency. Do not reveal," says Jabery.

On the assessment day, you should always wear a skirt suit. A skirt is feminine and in most cases a compulsory part of the uniform.

Do not go too short or too long, aim for the middle of your knee as the minimum length and half of your calf as the maximum length.

Also keep in mind that the group activities might require you to do some physical work, if you have to crouch down, you need to make sure that it all stays decent.

Your jacket should be fitted and elegant. If you prefer, you can wear a business dress and a jacket.

Men should go for dark colors such as black, grey, navy or brown and stay away from bright colors or patterned models such as bright green or pink, flowers or animal prints.

Iron your clothes - that should not even be mentioned.


Wearing shoes with a high heel will give you a good posture, making you feel taller and more confident.

Check that your shoes are shiny, go for a classic style and comfortable shoe to spend many hours wearing.

For the safest choices, go with colors such as black, brown, beige, dark grey or navy.

Even men should go for dark shoes (black, brown, navy or grey), perfectly polished. No light colors, sport shoes, sandals, boots, high heels, inserts or fashion pieces.


A flight attendant always keeps a very neat hairstyle.

If you have long hair, tie in in a neat bun at the back of your head and secure it with some pins and a bit of hair spray.

If you have a pixie crop, style it neatly.

As a rule of thumb, if your hair can reach your shoulders, it should be tied back.

For the boys, make sure hair is well groomed and facial hair tidy. If needed spend some time in the salon.

The Emirates and Etihad female crew mostly wear their hair tied in a bun. Do a little research and try it out.

If you look good, you will feel good and the recruiters will see how well you keep yourself.


Natural colors such as grey and brown work the best.

Slight eye-makeup, a bit of blush following the natural contour of your cheeks and as a final touch, a nude or red shade of lipstick.

Avoid lip gloss as you will probably eat it during the first hours of the day. A good lipstick looks much more professional.

Avoid smoky eyes and metallic shades, as well as too much blush or too much mascara.

Both men and women should take care of their manicure and pedicure. Keep your nails clean and of medium length.

It is important that men should look after their skin especially because they have to shave before each flight.

Make sure you smell good but not over-powering.


Keep accessories minimal - stud diamond or pearl earrings, a delicate necklace, a small watch. Most of the flight attendant will wear a scarf.

A delicate silky scarf cannot go wrong on your big day.

Men should wear a tie. Go for a simple design and pattern that matches your suit and shirt. Learn how to do a double knot.


An Emirates Airlines crew says, "Try and be confident but not over confident. Imagine you already have the cabin crew job, think good thoughts and look the part. Most importantly, smile."

A positive, smiley face will make the person you talk to immediately perceive you as friendly, helpful, positive and a person easy to work with.

During the day, mix with as many people as you can – smile, talk and be friendly. This will show off your communication skills and ability to work with all kinds of people. You may not see any recruiters there, but believe me, they will be watching you.

Be prepared

Practice typical airline interview questions and answers so that you will feel prepared for the final interview and do the very best you possibly can.

You can find cabin crew interview questions and answers online.

During your team tasks, never ever talk over anyone else or put anyone down. Speak appropriately, listen carefully and encourage other team members to join in.

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