Semen, blood at heart of Gaga's new perfume

Lady Gaga has consistently shocked audiences with her image (FILE)

With all the vampire madness about, it might make sense to develop a perfume reminiscent of blood. But semen?

Lady Gaga, though, is taking no chances. The woman who once draped herself in raw meat has asked fragrance developers to incorporate the smell of both bodily fluids into her new signature scent, website reports.

That’s a far cry from the usual inspirations celebrities go for.

P Diddy, for instance, attempted to capture his high-voltage lifestyle with a scent infused with champagne notes, while Paris Hilton’s debut eponymous fragrance blended frozen apple, peach nectar, jasmine, sandalwood and ylang ylang to deliver “the smell of a star”.

Gaga might as well have replicated her own body odour.

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