Global Village achieves Guinness World Records title for largest cup of hot tea

Global Village has obtained the Guinness World Records title for preparing the largest cup of hot tea in the world, surpassing an earlier record set last year for the biggest cup of tea in the world in Shanghai.

The title, "Largest Cup of Tea in the World," is now registered by the Guinness World Records as being achieved by Global Village, Dubai, on 25th January. The teacup has a height of 3.66 metres and a top inner diameter of 1.42 metres. The height of the ruler for the 5,000-litre volume in the cup is 3.66 metres. The teacup has been on display at Global Village since 23rd January, and guests can view it until 1st February, 2018.

Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, said, "It is a special moment for us to have achieved the Guinness World Records title with this singular achievement. Tea drinking is an integral part of our culture in the UAE. We are proud of achieving this new record, which shows our drive to be the best in the world and another achievement for the UAE, and we are passionate about being the best family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment in the world. With every season, we extend our capabilities to make our guests happy."

A total of 120 chefs took several hours to make the 5,000-litre cup of Karak tea, which was served free to over 50,000 guests at Global Village, at an average serving of 100 millilitres in each cup. The ingredients used by the chefs to prepare the tea, as well as the vast amounts of water, included 155 kilogrammes, kg, of tea powder, 270 kg of milk powder, 360 kg of sugar, 4.5 kg of cloves, 135 kg of ginger, 27 kg of cinnamon sticks, and 27 kg of cardamom powder.

The chefs who helped to prepare the tea are part of the Emirates Culinary Guild, and were led by Chef Uwe Micheel, President of Emirates Culinary Guild and Assistant Vice President of the World Association of Chef Societies. Global Village also partnered with Lipton as the official tea partner, and Aquafina as the official water sponsor.

"We know that Karak is among the most liked refreshments preferred by people in the UAE, and we thank Global Village for taking the initiative to meet the challenge of winning the Guinness World Records title with this achievement. With this record, we have also been able to communicate our love for Karak to the world and showcase the organisational and culinary skills of chefs based in the UAE. We have used the best ingredients and preparation practices to surmount this challenge in the most transparent way. Finally, I would like to congratulate our 120 chefs who made this record possible," Micheel said.

Waqas Javed, Refreshment Marketing Director Arabia at Unilever, said, "As the leading tea brand globally, Lipton is honoured to be a part of creating a world record for this iconic beverage, Karak tea. In line with Lipton’s values that seek to inspire and connect people around a hot cup of tea, we fully support this initiative by Global Village to celebrate the region’s diversity and culture."

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