2-year old dies of suspected food poisoning in Sharjah

A toddler in Sharjah died of suspected food poisoning over the weekend. 

Two-year-old Kevin Jinesh Mavari and his father Jingles were treated at City Hospital in Sharjah on Friday morning after they began vomiting.

Father and son had chicken and rice the previous night, said Reji P, a cousin of the family. The child's mother Priya - a nurse with Royal Hospital - who was working at night did not eat the meal.

Doctors diagnosed it to be food poisoning and prescribed medicines for vomiting and discharged the duo.

However, the little boy started vomiting again on Friday night. He was taken to hospital the next morning and admitted at 7.30am. The child died an hour later.

The family is now awaiting post-mortem reports to ascertain the cause of their only son's death.

The family who lives in Al Talal Supermarket building bought chicken from the shop and had it with home-cooked food. The child ate half-a-portion of chicken, while the father had two pieces.

Police have begun investigations and the parents were quizzed.

Recently, an autistic child died of alleged food poiosoning at the Al Baraha Hospital and his father and brother too were affected.

With summer setting in, food poisoning cases have begun raising thier ugly heads. Experts have urged residents to be careful of consuming frozen foods.

In Sharjah there are reports of power cuts already and food gets spoilt quickly in the heat. 

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8-year old Dubai boy battles brain tumour for life

An eight-year-old Indian boy who was constantly complaining of back pain and eye problems is now battling for life at Rashid Hospital, Dubai, while his family is seeking help to meet medical expenses.

Doctors were treating him for short sightedness and even increased the power of his lenses and prescribed medicines for his back pain. Unfortunately, the correct diagnosis came way too late for the child who is now in a critical state and suffering from brain tumour.

The youngster's father, Sunil Kumar, told Emirates24|7 that neurosurgeons have advised immediate surgery.

“Sourav is a grade 3 student of Indian High School Dubai. We never realised that he was suffering from such a serious ailment. He used to complain about severe back pain and eye problems and we consulted several doctors, who treated him for short sight. The power of his glass was enhanced recently, after we consulted a doctor in the city. In the last two months, he has been very weak and frequently vomited. We took him to a clinic, where he was treated for vomiting," said Kumar.

"Only a couple of days ago when the boy resumed severe vomiting and collapsed, the family rushed him to Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai. Later a CT scan was done at Al Rashid Hospital and he was diagnosed with brain tumour."

The shocked and sad father said: “We could have diagnosed his disease earlier, had we taken his back pain complaints more seriously. He told us that the backpain could be because he was carrying a heavy school bag.”

His mother Vijayalaxmi, housewife, is equally shaterred.
Kumar said: "My salary is just Dh4,800 of which Dh1,800 goes towards renting our flat International City. The rest of the salary is spent on his education and meeting regular expenses. Now we don’t have any money to pay Dh50,000 immediately for his treatment. His teachers from the Indian High School, Dubai have collected a small amount and given us. We expect more help from the community.”

Souav's classmates and friends have also arranged a fund-raising campaign.

Immediate surgery is needed to remove the growing brain tumour and afterwards, he needs to undergo chemotherapy. “We cannot take him to India because doctors have adivised that he is not in a state to travel. He is awake and conscious.

The family hails from Mariappally, Kottayam, Kerala. Those who wish to help the oy can contact the family on +97150- 5726096.


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