UAE bans cucumbers from 4 Europe states

A woman picks up a cucumber from a vegetables stall in a supermarket in Paris (AFP File)

The UAE on Wednesday imposed a temporary ban on import of cucumbers from a number of European countries including Spain, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

A resolution issued by Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, stipulates that other produce of vegetables imported from these countries will be allowed into the countries provided that importers present a health certificate stating they are free from E.coli bacteria.

The ban was based on information received from international food safety agencies and news reports by international news agencies and TV stations on contamination of the cucumbers in some EU countries with the E.coli bacteria.
Meanwhile, UAE citizens travelling and living in European countries swept by E. coli outbreak are advised to avoid eating vegetables for their own healthy safety, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a travel advisory.

Isa Abdullah Al Kalbani, Director of Citizens' Affairs at the Ministry, affirmed that the Ministry has - in coordination with the UAE Consulate in Munich - been closely monitoring the E.coli outbreak in some European countries including Germany, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

The deadly bacteria has killed scores of people.

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