Hijab-wearing girl named best-dressed student at US school

Abrar Shahin set new trend and bashed all stigmas about Muslim head-gear

The students of Clifton High School picked Abrar Shahin as the best-dressed girl.

A hijab-wearing Muslim of Palestinian descent, Shahin wears a black skirt and skinny jeans, ankle-high boots and a cropped white blazer in her yearbook photo.

Her makeup is perfect, capped with plum-toned lipstick.


And there is one other fashion accessory that makes Shahin stand out: a black, white and blue-green patterned scarf — a hijab — that wraps around her head and drapes around her neck.

Shahin blends tradition and modern trends to create her style. She wears a hijab and modest clothing with long sleeves and pants, according to Muslim custom. At the same time, she wears trendy teenage clothes.


According to North Jersey website, Shahin has set the new trend and has bashed all the stigmas about Islamic fashion by keeping her religious tradition alive, whereas, Clifton High School sets an example of how acceptance of Islamic traditions has grown in US schools and how people have started looking beyond the labels.


The class of 2015, which graduated Friday, includes many immigrants and first-generation students whose families hail from across the globe.

Even in an area as diverse as North Jersey, Clifton stands out for its global flair. The high school, with about 3,300 students, is 52 percent Hispanic, 35 percent white, 8 percent Asian and 5 percent black, according to state records.


The best dressed male, Abraham Zeidan, also happens to be Muslim.



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