Canada's new class for immigration targets UAE applicants

Federal Skilled Trades Class open to selected trades people with experience in occupational areas

The Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) announced proposed amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) referred to as the 3-pronged approach. The approach includes the introduction of a new class – the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC).

"The new FSTC is open to selected trades people with experience in the occupational areas," explains Deepak Kohli, President of Transcend Consultants, a regulated Canadian-based immigration consultancy office.
"This is a pass/fail system, meaning that the applicants are assessed based on a set of criteria (as compared to a points system). The applicants meeting all the criteria are selected."
The minimum criteria to be met for the FSTC class are the following:
  • Ability to work in one of the trades (up to 2 job offers or assessed qualifications);
  • Proficiency in official languages (minimum CLB 5);
  • Previous work experience in the selected trades (minimum 2 years full-time); and
  • Meeting employment requirements of the selected trade.
The occupations for selected trade are identified through the National Occupational Classification (NOC) are the following:
Minor Group
632         Chefs & Cooks (2 occupations)
633         Butchers & Bakers (2 occupations)
Major Group
72           Industrial, Electrical & Construction Trades (33 occupations)
73           Maintenance and equipment operation trades (26 occupations)
82           Supervisors and technical occupations in natural resources, agriculture and related production (10 occupations)
92           Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators (17 occupations)
The regulations are expected to be implemented in January 2013 but may be possibly revised based on public consultations, explained Deepak.




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