#LookupattheSky: Amazing Dubai skyline

It’s “Look up at the Sky” day today, but in Dubai – residents and tourists – all do admire the clear skies - every day.

Yes, we have millions of tourists coming to the emirate to enjoy sun and sand here.

“It is definitely the sun that brings me here every year as I own a holiday home on the Palm. I just love to come here, spend time looking up at the blue clear sky. It is something that we all want to have back home as well,” says Natalya (first name only) from Russia.

“It is quite cold in Russia and hence a visit to Dubai is quite mandatory for all of us. We love the weather and the clear skies. But something we can’t miss is the beautiful skyline of Dubai on a clear day,” she adds.

The origins of this Look up at the Sky spring event is unknown, but is celebrated on April 14 every year. The purpose is primarily to look up at the blue skies and admire it.

Of course, as Natalya, said, something you can’t miss when looking at the sky is the amazing skyline here. It lists among the top 10 skylines in the world.

Dubai is the only city from the Gulf Co-operation Council countries to make it to the list. The emirate is home the iconic Burj Khalifa (828 metres), the world’s tallest tower; Princess Tower (414 metres), the world’s highest residential tower, and JW Marriott Marquis (355 metres), the world’s highest hotel.

Emporis data reveals Dubai has 2,281 buildings of which 1317 exist, 405 planned and 321 under construction. Overall, there are 1,229 high-rises and 518 skyscrapers.

Dubai Marina – one community in the emirate, is host to world’s four tallest towers. Opening this year is 425-metre Marina 101, the tallest tower in the Marina area.

Just opposite the Marina, before Dubai hosts Expo 2020, Burj 2020 will be another landmark coming up. And in another part of the emirate, The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour will set the sky glazing with lights as it will rise a notch higher than Burj Khalifa.

“The existing skyline and the new towers will make us look at the sky more often than we do. We will not just admire the weather, Sun but the excellent man-made structures that will make the Sky seem more beautiful,” says Rohit Kumar from India.

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