Rio street cleaner offered modelling jobs after her pics go viral

Rita Mattos is dubbed 'Sweeper Babe' by her fan. (Facebook/RitaMattos)

A street cleaner from Rio has sent the internet into a frenzy after pictures of her in bright orange overalls went viral.

Rita Mattos, 23, was originally rather critical of the attention, and when she spoke to Brazil's Extra newspaper, she made it clear that she loves her job.

Photographs of Rita sweeping the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, started to circulate on Whatsapp last week.


Dubbed 'Sweeper Babe' by her fans, she initially rejected the newfound attention, accusing her new followers of negative stereotyping.

She questioned why should people have pre-conceived notions that sweepers cannot be pretty and are mostly ugly.


But after learning that her viral fame could lead to a better job, Rita has softened her attitude towards the exposure.

However, she's now hired an agent and seems to be embracing the attention.

At the moment, she gets up at 4:30am and earns around £400 a month, so nobody would blame her for pursing a career in modelling.


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