UAE residents' love for expensive cars

Even as the euro fluctuated and markets overseas remained timid, the UAE’s motoring sector cruised through in the first half of 2015.

Online classifieds site Dubizzle revealed 72,000 vehicle ads were featured in H1 2015, with three of the most expensive cars traded amassing a combined ‎tally of nearly Dh28 million.

Meanwhile, three VIP number license plates were sold at a combined cost of Dh5.65m‎.

What is UAE driving?

The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) classifieds site published its H1 2015 autos trends report for the UAE, which states users placed nearly 12,000 ads ‎in the motoring section per month.

Toyota was one of the top car brands listed on the site with an average of 2,132 ads per month, followed by Nissan with an average of 1,465 ads per month.

This was followed by German car maker Mercedes-Benz with an average of 1,330 ads per month.

The top three cars sold on Dubizzle were Japanese brands with Toyota Camry 2008 coming in first at an average price of Dh32,393; Honda Accord 2009 and  the Mitsubishi Pajero 2009 came second and third at an average price of Dh41,658 and Dh49,068 respectively.

Luxury living

The report indicated three most searched expensive cars listed since the beginning of the year were Bugattis, with a Dh10,500,000 limited edition of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 2013, followed by a Dh9,990,000 Grand Sport Vitesse Meo Costantini 2014 and a Dh7,500,000  Veyron.

The report also highlighted the three most expensive unique license plates listed on the site, with the priciest marked at Dh3,000,000, the second number plate at Dh2,500,000 and the third one listed at Dh155,000.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi

For Dubai users, the top searched car brands were: BMW, Jeep, Honda, AMG and Porsche.

Top searched car models in Dubai were Ford Mustang, C63, SRT, Wrangler, and GTS.

For Abu Dhabi users, the top searched car brands were: BMW, Honda, Jeep, AMG, and Mercedes.

The top searched car models in Abu Dhabi were: C63, SRT, GT, Raptor, and Wrangler.

As for car colours, black was the most popular car colour in the first half of this year, followed by white then red.

The report revealed that in the last six months there were more than 48,000 users who searched for convertible cars on Dubizzle.

“With over 1.3m people visiting the autos section on Dubizzle and an average of 12,000 new car ads are posted on the site each month... we find this kind of data so valuable when it comes to identifying price trends, market insights and most importantly providing transparency within the autos market place,” said Osman Bhurgri, Marketing Manager – Autos at Dubizzle UAE, in a statement.

Photo by Ashok Verma

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