Which country do UAE residents choose to spend summer in?

India tops the list of summer holiday destination for the UAE residents this year. (Shutterstock)

As the summer vacation approaches, majority of the UAE residents are looking to move to cooler climes for the holidays.

Though the choice of the expatriates is also to spend the holidays in their homeland, but there are a decent number of residents who would be spending their vacations in the UAE – too.

According to statistics released by the online travel website Expedia.com, India tops the list of the summer vacation destinations of the residents for this year as 10.67 per cent of residents will be going to the Southeast Asian country mainly due to large number of non-resident Indians living in the UAE flying to spend summer vacation with the families and friends.

Conducted by YouGov and Expedia in May 2015, the results are based on responses from 1,000 residents in the UAE.

Second on the list is Europe as UAE residents want to escape from the hot summer to the cooler climes. Nearly 6.18 per cent of the survey respondents revealed that they intend to go to Europe but didn’t name any specific country.

Turkey is the third destination where the UAE residents – 5.98 per cent – will be heading to. While 5.88 per cent of the survey respondents intend to spend their summer vacations in the UAE.

Among the other top 10 countries in the list are US (5.58%), Maldives (Dh4.49%), Switzerland (3.59%), UK (3.49%), Thailand (3.39%) and France (3.29%).

The latest survey results are different from the previous one conducted by the travel portal in April showing that majority of the residents had planned to go to their homeland with Middle Eastern cities of Cairo, followed by Amman and Beirut.

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