UAE residents can now get eyelashes for their cars

Big beautiful eyes with thick long eyelashes heavily loaded with kohl have been one of the traits of  pretty women in the UAE. But, why should these eyelashes be limited to a man’s ladylove? For those who love their cars can now enhance its beauty by giving it long and curled carlashes.

For just Dh49 you can now drive in style. Dress up headlights with cute and fashionable car lashes starting from Dh49, reads an advert on the deal website site Groupon.

“Dress up headlights with pair of cute lashes designed to give cars a new look,” says the advert.

And it seems pretty easy to give your car a feminine look.  The post claims these lashes can fit all types of cars and one can easily apply and install a pair with the help of automotive trim tape for instant sticking and to eliminate the need for salon aesthetician.

Besides being pretty, these eyelashes are sturdy as well so that it can withstand harsh gusty winds in the UAE. “The lashes are built to withstand water and wind during driving sojourns, aside from the fact that it is paint and glass friendly to maintain automobiles flawless features. Cars will look unique and even more attractive whether while on the road or quietly stationed at the garage or nearby parking lots.”

Some residents that this website spoke with are not very keen to put eyelashes on their cars. “I will not put eyelashes on my car. I think it’s an absurd idea,” said Jospeh J, a UAE resident.

However, some are open to this beauty enhancing concept. “Why not?

It’s a new thing and will definitely make heads turn,” said another resident.

There are three options to choose from. The first option offers one pair of car lashes for Dh49 instead of Dh110; the second one gives two pairs of car lashes for Dh85 instead of Dh220 and the third one offers three pairs of car lashes for Dh119 instead of Dh440.


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