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Your one-stop guide to moving abroad from the UAE

Every year ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading platform for home services, analyses thousands of requests for quotes for international moves and complements it with data from moving companies to share the latest moving trends with UAE residents.

ServiceMarket recently teamed up with ISS Worldwide Movers to understand the average shipping time and cost for the 9 countries with the highest influx of people from the UAE.

Where are most UAE residents moving to in 2017?

India emerged as the most popular destination to move to from the UAE in 2017, followed by the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

How does this compare to last year’s international moving trends?

In a similar study conducted by ServiceMarket in 2016, UK, USA, India, Canada and Saudi Arabia were the top relocation destinations. However, this year, India overtook the UK and the US, and Saudi Arabia dropped off the list of the top five destinations.

And how much does it typically cost to move to these countries?

The cost of shipping 30 cubic meters and the average shipping times to the top 9 countries are as follows. Note that 30 cubic meters is approximately the volume occupied by the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.

The cost of transporting goods depends on a number of factors including mode of transportation (sea, air or land), weight and size of the cargo, distance to your destination and type of service.

For example, a door to door service, where the moving company will pack up all your belongings, ship them, and also deliver them your new home, will be significantly more expensive than a door to port service where you will be expected to clear the goods at the destination customs yourself and arrange for the transportation to your new home.

If you’re planning on relocating soon, here are 3 insider tips you should consider to avoid damages, losses, and extra expenses:

1. Only use licensed and experienced shipping companies in the UAE: Check whether the international moving company has a FIDI certification because it is the most important accreditation. You can avoid damages by choosing an accredited international moving company. In addition, most accredited companies share all additional costs transparently with their customers.

2. Make sure to insure your belongings before shipping them: This will cost you some extra money but you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are insured. International movers in Dubai are not responsible for any damage or loss of your belongings during transit, so if your items are water damaged or lost you will not be able to claim any money to help you replace them unless you have purchased insurance.

3. Consider selling bulky and replaceable items: Since the cost of shipping is calculated based on volume not weight, you can save a lot of money by selling items that are bulky. You should consider selling or donating all larger items that can be easily replaced when you move to your new home. If your UAE home has a lot of non-expensive IKEA furniture, you’re probably better off selling it and buying new furniture when you arrive. Be sure to do this a few weeks before you leave, and make it clear to the moving company what you plan to take with you when they come to your home to do a survey and give you a moving quote.

You should also be mindful of some of the additional moving costs in the UAE. Most reputable shipping companies in Dubai share detailed quotations with their customers and list all costs, clearly specifying what is and what is not included. You can easily read reviews of accredited shipping companies in the UAE on ServiceMarket and get free quotes from movers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in just a couple of clicks.