Indian expats vote for more gold

Seek 200gms customs limit

Majority of Indian expats say they should be allowed to carry at least 200 grams of gold into the country.

Respondent of a new online poll by 'Emirates24|7' called upon its readers to vote for either setting 20,50, 100 or 200 grams as the customs limit on gold carried by a passenger entering into India.

Customs departments at all major entry points into the country has been strictly enforcing a 1998 law that does not permit those travelling into the country to carry more than six grams of gold.

A majority of 63 per cent of respondents voted for setting 200 grams as the limit, while 13 per cent each were of the opinion that passengers should be allowed to carry only 20 and 100grms, more than which import duty can be imposed. Eleven percent of the respondents of the poll said allowing 50 grams as the limit would be ideal.

Current rules permit a male traveller to carry gold worth Indian rupees (Rs) 10,000 (only three grams of gold about 3 grams given the current value of the yellow metal) and Rs20,000 for a female traveller (not more than six grams), unless they pay the additional duty.

Today gold (22K ) is priced at Dh180.25 per gram while 24K gold is selling at 191.75. There has been a lot of pressure on the Indian government to renew the law that was originally introduced in 1998.

Meanwhile, a Dubai-based Indian Welfare organisation, which started an online petition, has received more than 8000 signatories.

The petition has requested the Indian government to have a relook at the current law and allow at least 100 grammes of gold and women to be allowed to take 200gm without customs duty.

This website had earlier reported that the Indian Consulate too had passed on recommendations by the community members in Dubai for a revision of the import duty on gold taken into the country from abroad.


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