16 illegal maids dumped in Saudi desert

Labour smugglers dumped 16 illegal Indonesian housemaids in a desert area in Saudi Arabia and left them without any transport means before they were found by a driver who happened to be passing in the place.

Abdul Rahman Al Harbi said he was driving on a motorway near the central town of Al Qasseem when he saw the 16 women sitting on the sand away from the road.

“I stopped the car and went to them to ask what they were doing there.
“They told me a labour smugger agreed to transport them from Riyadh to Makkah but he dumped them in that area  and fled although they do not have any money or food,” he said.

Harbi told Al Jazeera newspaper that he phoned the police, which sent a patrol to the area and took the maids, who were staying illegally in the Gulf Kingdom, home to more than two million domestic workers from Indonesia, Philippines and other countries.
Man locks wife up, civil defence frees her
A Saudi husband locked his wife up in her room and left the house after a heated argument, forgetting to take the mobile phone off her. A few hours later, civil defence units were at the house smashing the door.
“The civil defence free the wife after her husband locked her in. Police arrested the husband for interrogation,” Sabq daily said in a report from the northern town of Hail.

Maid ends life at employer’s house

An Ethiopian housemaid committed a suicide by hanging herself in the back garden of her employer’s house in Saudi Arabia, newspapers reported on Sunday.

The Saudi employer found the maid hanging by a rope tied around her neck inside a small store in his back garden and informed the police.
Police said they were investigating the incident to determine the maid’s motives.



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