4,500 families, major dam affected by Venezuela flooding

Photo: AFP

Torrential rain in southeast Venezuela has affected 4,500 families and is sending floodwaters gushing through the country's major hydroelectric dam, authorities and local media said on Monday.

The precipitation caused the two main rivers in the country, the Orinoco and the Caroni, to surge over their banks, causing damage in the states of Bolivar, Delta Amacuro and Amazonas, the Civil Protection service said.

Local media showed images of flooded houses and streets, and residents trying to save furniture from the water.

They also showed video of water gushing through Venezuela's Guri hydroelectric dam, which provides 70 percent of electricity for the country.

The opposition called on the government to take urgent action with the dam to prevent the flooding from worsening, adding another point of discord in the country, which is in the grip of a deep economic and political crisis.