5 minor girls raped, assaulted in orphanage

The Egyptian police arrested a computer engineer for raping and sexually assaulting five minor girls in a shelter home (Resala) reported Al Youm Al Sabea'a newspaper. 

The management of Resala orphanage house passed on a tip to the police about the computer engineer. They accused him of sexually assaulting five orphan girls in the house. 

The management pointed out that the crime was discovered when a child disclosed to the officials that the engineer sexually abused her. 

The management of the orphanage began questioning the girls when some of the children confirmed that they have been sexually abused by the computer maintenance engineer during his visit to the orphanage to perform his duties. 

The officials reported to the police that all the children were between 8 and 10 years old. 

They added that the children indicated that they were raped by the computer engineer. 

He took the advantage of the kids and threatened them not to inform officials about the incident. 

The police arrested the suspect, who denied the charges. When he was brought face to face with the kids some of them collapsed after seeing him. 

The police referred the case to the prosecution which ordered to subject the victims to medical examination and presenting them to the Forensic Medicine to make sure that they were raped.

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