5 signs that summer’s to hit the UAE

It may be drizzling now and then, but it’s surely getting hotter.

According to the latest data from the country’s weather agency, the National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS), it is partly cloudy but there will be a rise in temperatures.

“The sun during April is apparently moving towards North of the equator, heading to the tropic of Cancer, the day length increases, leading to gradual increase on air temperatures,” the NCMS said.

Yes, summer is almost here. Here are five sure-shot signs that summer is heading to the UAE's shores – and soon.

#1. Global Village is about to close its doors

That’s a sure sign – Dubai’s No. 1 outdoor destination will close its season on April 9 (unless they extend it by a week or so… fingers-crossed).

#2. You no longer feel like rolling down the car windows and driving

It was good while it lasted – the cool breeze that you’d get when driving with rolled-down windows – but it’s over now.

#3. The shower water is naturally warm – again

You had to switch the water heater on for a while before the shower these past few months, but no longer. The water is back to being naturally warm, and soon you’ll be turning to cold water stored in the switched-off water heater to take quick showers.

#4. It’s not dark anymore when the alarm goes off

That’s 6am for us. We’d gotten used to waking up with it still dark outside at that time, but it’s changed in this past week or so. It’s getting increasingly brighter in the morning – and soon it will be ‘sunny at 6’ again.

#5. Your glasses fog up when you step outside

It’s that time again – and you know it. Step out from your car, home or office, and your glasses steam up so much that you can’t see anymore.

Yes, summer’s here – and it’s here to stay for a few months. Let’s make the most out of it.