'7-year itch' on cue for Dubai couples

Seven years is a period when couples decide if they will continue in the marriage or not,  according to top official.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Advocate-General Mohammed Rostom, Head of Family and Juvenile Prosecution, said that after studying the family cases that are referred to them from police stations, they have noticed that seven to eight years is the minimum period during which couples decide if they will separate or continue to be together.

“Seven to eight years is enough for most couples to know if they want to stay together or not. I believe lack of maturity is the main reason. In the beginning of marriage, couples start discovering the real personalities of their partners.

"No matter how long the engagement period is, it is only after marriage when couples live together that they begin knowing each other,” he said.

One major reason for problems between newly married or those who have been married for less than seven years is stubbornness. “Each of them want to stick to his/her opinions, and force the other partner to accept them.

"This is wrong. Both partners should accept the differences in each other, and solve problems without being stubborn. That’s when they will live in peace.”

According to Advocate-General Rostom, sometimes, couples have to compromise and give up on their demands in order to live together.

“Some of the problems between couples are not serious, and thus, they should learn to let go and not stick to their stand. In this way, if each one of them compromised in a few incidents, and tried to let go of things which are not serious and also not harmful to them, then they will survive and live happily.”

He pointed out that it is always at the beginning of marriages that problems occur. “After a few years, couples get used to the differences, and accept their partners the way they are. Thus, if they act wisely in the beginning, they can prevent divorce.”

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