Al Arabiya TV chief joins board

Abdul Rahman Al Rashid resigns from GM post in Al Arabiya, will be replaced by his deputy Adel Al Turaifi (Supplied)

The general manager of the Saudi satellite TV news channel ‘Al Arabyia’ has quit his post and was named a member of its board of directors.

Abdul Rahman Al Rashid, a well-known Saudi media figure, resigned from the channel nearly 10 years after he was named its general manager.

His deputy Adel Al Turaifi, also a known Saudi media man, replaced him in line with a decision by Al Arabiya’s chairman Walid bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, according to board statement carried by the Saudi ‘Sada’ newspaper.

Rashid, a holder of a doctorate degree in political science from the London College of Economics and Sciences, was also editor in chief of the London-based Saudi Arabia language daily ‘Sharaqalawsat’ before quitting three years ago.

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