Beware of calls for money: UAE Police

A large number of people have been receiving calls and messages from women in Yemen, Syria, Palestine and Iraq claiming to be poor and in need of money. These calls are mainly fake, and the money sent might end up funding terrorist groups or criminals, warned Al Ameen Secret Police Service.

Speaking the Emirates 24|7, a source from Al Ameen warned public to report the phone numbers which they receive asking them to transfer money to it.

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“Most of these callers are women, who sometimes cry and say that she and her family are going through trouble and have nobody to support them. Many people sympathise and transfer money to them. At the end, this money either go to fund extremists, terrorist groups, or criminals.”

The source added that Al Ameen service has come up with an agreement with the two telecommunication companies in the country, Etisalat and Du, to block these phones numbers.

“Within a few days, the networks in the UAE will not accept incoming calls and messages from these phone numbers.”

The source also stressed on the importance of reporting these numbers to the concerned authorities.

“People who have been victims of these callers, or are even thinking of transferring money should report the phone numbers to us. We will block the numbers, and will also contact the concerned authorities in their countries and inform them of these fraudulent callers.”

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