Camera in bathroom: Dubai flatmate says it's his


A man sharing an apartment with eight girls had admitted to hiding a camera behind the bathroom door, but claims it was not working.

The Dubai Police CID is currently interrogating the accused and a source from the department told Emirates 24|7 , “We are still continuing with investigation. Public Prosecution will later decide the fate of the case.” When cops questioned JR, he admitted hiding the camera, but claimed that it wasn’t working.

The girls residing in an apartment in Dubai Investment Park found a camera hidden in a hole on the wall behind the bathroom door and contacted the police immediately.

The suspect JR, resides in the same flat and has been identified as a Filipino national and is a web designer by profession. The apartment contract is in JR’s name.

Earlier report:

Women residing at an apartment in Dubai found a camera hidden in their bathroom on Friday, November 7, 2014. Dubai Police was called in immediately and investigations are on.

On Friday morning, a lady identified as Mau, entered the bathroom and found a nail on the door used for hanging clothes lying on the floor. While attempting to fix it, Mau spotted something hidden inside the hole.

She called in her flatmates who proceeded to take out the device, which looked like a USB. Their roommate, identified as Liza, says: "I opened the device and saw a switch and a micro-chip in the device. We are sure it is a camera."

The one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is shared by eight women and one man. All residing there are Filipinos.

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