Cathay Pacific flight makes emergency landing in Russia after fire reported

View from the plane after an emergency landing at Novosibirsk. (Twitter)

A Cathay Pacific London flight bound for Hong Kong has reported a possible fire in its cargo hold on Wednesday, with the aircraft currently diverted to Novosibirsk, Russia.

The airline has confirmed the incident, stating all passengers and crew on board are safe.

In a statement on its official Twitter account, the airline stated: “CX250/22Nov diverted to Novosibirsk, Russia as a precautionary measure due to signal of possible aft cargo hold fire. Flight landed safely.”

Flight CX250 took off from London Heathrow at 6pm, UK time and was en route to Hong Kong, when the incident was reported.

The plane deviated to Russia shortly, with the airline now placing passengers in hotels as it awaits a relief flight.

Cathay Pacific further stated: “The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority. We are assisting passengers to hotel for rest until relief flight arrives.

“We thank the Russian authorities and teams helping us on the ground for their support, and our passengers for their understanding.”