Cloud falls to the ground in the UAE?

Can a cloud defy gravity rules and fall off the sky to settle on the ground. A video shot by an Emirati and published on U-Tube this week shows it happened in the UAE and the lucky photographer considers it as a heavenly miracle.

The 3.5-minute film showed the small white cloud flying low above the green ground like a massive piece of cotton before taking a downward direction and falling off to settle on a fence in the fertile Bida Faris area just outside the eastern oasis town of Al-Ain.

The unidentified man who captured the unique phenomenon then handed his camcorder to a farm worker at the area and asked him to continue shooting as he headed towards the cloud and pushed his hand through it.

The film, carried in several newspapers in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, showed the cloud split into some parts as it hit the ground. Small parts were seen blown off by the wind while the main part remained stuck to the fence.

“I could not have believed this hadn’t I seen it and captured it,” the man said in Arabic. “I believe this is a miracle that illustrates God’s power.”


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