Drugged man forgets name, age

When a Kuwaiti police man asked an Egyptian who had taken drugs about his name, he could not remember it. Although he appeared to know his birth date, he could not calculate his age.

“What is your name,” the police man asked the Egyptian, who was arrested for taking drugs in Kuwait City.

“I don’t know,” he told the police man, who then asked him about his age. “I think 21 years.”

But the police man noticed the Egyptian was much older, so he asked him if he knows his date of birth.”

“Yes…1978,” he told the puzzled police man, who asked him about the discrepancy in the date of birth and the age he has given. “No…nothing…its just our God’s will,” the drugged man replied.

Alwatan Arabic language newspaper, which reported the dialogue on Tuesday, said the unnamed Egyptian man did not know where he was when he was asked by the police man.

“When the police man told him where he was, the Egyptian burst into crying…police said he would be sent to court.”

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