Dubai dress code: Just how short is decently short?

The autumn weather that has turned Dubai into the tourist paradise for the season has once again raised the issue of dress code sensibilities.

Rather than the oppressive summer heat driving some visitors and residents to dress down in public – much to the disgust of large sections of society here, now, it’s the cool weather that seems drive the beach-wear beyond the beach.

With the Eid holidays round the corner, Emirates 24|7 spoke to a cross-section of Dubai residents to find out just how short is short enough without being disrespectful.

With opinion varying from the militant (tank tops) to the fashion bistro (spaghetti straps) variety, the underlying theme remains one of respect for the culture and values of the UAE.

Which is why one gentleman agrees, if he is going to wear a skirt, it might be best to do it when he is back home… in his own country.


Eid in UAE on Oct 26: 4 holidays for public, 3 for private sector

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