Dubai Municipality grounds Red Bull social media rumours

No known damage when consumed within permissible amounts: DM

The Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has confirmed that the substance present in energy drink Red Bull has no side effects.

Dubai Municipality was responding to rumours on social media claiming that taurine affects fertilization process.

Dubai Municipality explained that taurine is an amino acid, naturally present in human body and some food. It contributes to muscle building and helps regulate water levels and salts in blood, besides its role as an antioxidant, reported Al Bayan.

When taurine is consumed within the permissible amounts, there is no known damage, said officials. It is best used in moderation since balanced consumption is the safest solution to ensure health and safety.

Taurine is naturally exists in meat, fish and breast milk. It helps increase performance of athletes.

Dubai Municipality urged residents not be carried away by rumours on social media and, instead, inform the Authority by calling on 800900, or through the DM website via the new initiative ‘AlKhabar AlYaqen’.


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