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Dubai teen’s mall rap video bringing in the hits

In terms of sheer novelty value Rohit Iyengar’s rap video entitled ‘Malls of Dubai’ on YouTube is up there with other virals.

In terms of numbers it is not.

The music video - composed and produced by the Dubai-based teenager has received over 16,000 clicks in a little over two weeks.

However, what makes Iyengar unique is his verve and vitality in delivering lines that in some circles would be cheesy (While in Dragon Mart we feel like we are in ching chong China) at best.

Lots of media coverage in the UAE, has meant that Iyengar is now a YouTube celeb – at least here in Dubai.

He says, “I have posted videos previously but they haven’t done so well. I think it is probably because the music video is on the malls of Dubai which attracted so many viewers. The malls of Dubai are so different from each other, which makes them unique in itself.”

Iyengar has uploaded over 61 personal videos on YouTube, but it is this one that has brought him some recognition.

Iyengar remains realistic about his future. “I had released an album and gave it to my friends, but it did not do well. A record deal with a big company is like a dream come true,” he says.

Iyengar, currently studying in Grade 12 at Raffles International is very focused in terms of education. “I plan on getting my degree first,” he says.

He does, however, intend to release his next music video which is now the Hindi version of 'Danza Kudro' a Spanish song sung by Don Omar.

In this video the music and tune will be same as the original, but the lyrics are different.

YouTube is waiting.