Dubai to get 70km tunnel... and you won't feel a thing

Dubai Municipality signs Dh12.5 billion contract for Deep Tunnel Sewerage System project

In a year's time from now, Dubai will commence work on building 70 kilometres of underground tunnel.

The tunnel, which will reach a depth of 90 metres, will be supported by approximately 140 kilometres of link sewers and key pumping stations.

When competed in five years' time, the Dubai Strategic Sewerage Project, covering the entire emirate (key catchments of Deira and Bur Dubai), will eliminate over 100 pumps station around the city that currently transfers sewage to treatment plants in Al Warsan and Jabel Ali.

But road closures and traffic snarls are being ruled out. Residents will not be affected during the digging of the tunnels from start to finish.

"We are using the micro tunnel technology and there will be no digging of roads. Hence, there will be much less disruption,” Dubai Municipality Director-General Hussain Nasser Lootah told Emirates 24|7.

The project is planned to cover the emirate's expansion over the next 50 years.

"This will meet the demand 50 years ahead and will be capable of serving the future growth in the city of Dubai,” Lootah said.

“As per our cost-analysis studies, we believe the project cost will be recovered in 20 years and we will make profit thereafter. We are investing as we want Dubai’s infrastructure to be of high quality,” he added.

The civic authority awarded the consultancy contract for the tunnel project to US-based Parsons Overseas Limited, which will cost Dh12.5 billion.

The contract includes feasibility studies, preliminary design, tender preparation and support followed by program management of detailed design and construction phases.

It also includes additional studies including storm water relief management study, sewerage system policy, financial model, system resilience study and project management information system.

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