10 BlackBerry shortcuts you didn’t know existed…

A man uses a Blackberry device in Dubai. (FILE)

The UAE is fast becoming BlackBerry country. However, are you making the best use of your device. Online financial company Moneyville put together a list of shortcuts that can help you maximize your BlackBerry usage.

Here are the BlackBerry tips and tricks you may or may not be aware of:
* Navigating through all your email can be a time-consuming process. To speed it up considerably, click the N button to go to the "next" email message. This is much faster than exiting the email and then scrolling down to open the next one.

* Press the P button to go to the "previous" email. Those on a BlackBerry 9800 (Torch) can also swipe left and right in an open email message to go to the previous or next email, respectively. Press the R button to reply to an email you're reading, press L to reply to all and press F to forward the message.
* If you're at the end of a lengthy message or website and want to quickly go back to the top, press the T button. Want to go to the bottom? Yes, press the letter B.

* If there's a friend, family member or business contact you call often you can assign them to a speed-dial letter. Simply hold down a button from the main screen, such as H (for "Home"), and you will see a pop-up window that asks "Assign a Speed Dial to the H key?" After you select "Yes," it opens your address book to select the contact you wish to assign to that letter.

* If you want to call into your voicemail, the fastest way to do it is to hold down the 1 key.

* Has your BlackBerry accidentally called someone when you slipped into your pocket or purse (or worse, at midnight, after you've had a cocktail or two?). Before putting away your phone, get into the habit of tapping the small Stand-By button at the top of the handset, which looks like a speaker with a slash through it.

* You've got an inbox full of read messages on your BlackBerry, dating back a week or two. Sound familiar? Time for some spring cleaning. Select a date field, visible in between your emails, such as "Sun, Feb. 27, 2011" and then choose the option to "Delete Prior." As you might guess, all emails sent prior to this date will be deleted from the BlackBerry.

* Searching for something on your BlackBerry is a breeze on the Torch (9800). While on the home screen, simply start typing out what you're looking for (such as the name "Freddy") and all relevant application icons will appear with a small number in parenthesis, e.g. (4), to tell you how many times that word/name was found inside of it. Open the program (such as email, text message or contacts) and you'll only see entries with that word.

* Navigate through the web on your BlackBerry quickly with these easy button shortcuts. Press H to return to your homepage, press G to go to another website (to type in a web address) and press A to open your bookmarks (or press K to add one).

* If you want to send a friend your PIN (a BlackBerry's unqiue "personal identification number"), instead of going through the Options menus you can simply start an email or text message any type MYPIN, and then spacebar, and your PIN will show up inside the message right away.

Courtesy: https://www.moneyville.ca/

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