2-month amnesty for illegal residents begins Dec 4

Amnesty will run till February 3, 2013

The UAE Ministry of Interior on Tuesday announced a two-month amnesty for illegal residents to leave the country without paying fines.

Major General Nasser Al Awadi Minhali, Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalisation, Residency and Ports Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, said the amnesty period will run from December 4 till February 3.

Minhali said residency and foreigners' affairs offices in the UAE will receive illegals in two shifts to provide them with outpasses and other necessary documents to fly out of the country. The illegal residents can also regularise their visas after payment of fines.

"Illegal residents leaving the country during amnesty period will be exempted from all fines. We have also launched a campaign through various media outlets asking them to approach residency and foreign affairs departments to avail amnesty granted by the ministry. Procedures are simple and exempt them from paying fines and penalties,” Minhali said.

The location of the residency and foreign affairs centres will be announced soon.

Minhali asked violators to seize this opportunity and call the toll-free number 8005111 to enquire any additional information. He said a call center will also be set up in Abu Dhabi soon.

He warned that if a person is arrested after the expiry of the amnesty deadline, he will face tough legal action.

He said campaigns will be carried out through media, in addition to the distribution of leaflets and posters in public places; shopping centers to publicize the campaign and its goals.


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