2 save life after car in RAK water

They say they are delighted to have saved a human life. (EAY)

Two Bangladeshi men acted heroically when they jumped into the water in Ras Al Khaimah and saved the life of an Emirati whose car plunged down at night.
The two, Mohammed Abu Zahir, 30, and Mohammed Shah, 44, were having tea at the Khor in the Northern Emirate just after the evening prayers when they saw a Land-cruiser four-wheel vehicle plunging into the water.
“When we saw the car going down into the water, we jumped down and swam towards it…we then heard the driver screaming for help as he could not open the door and the water was filling the car,” Shah told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily.
“He also tried to smash the window but he could not…I also tried to break the glass but could not…I then joined hands with my friend and forced the door open…we dragged the driver out and started to swim back to the surface…he was injured in the face and began to scream hysterically but we told him to keep quiet so we can save him.”
He said that after they reached land, they phoned the police and ambulance, which took the man, who was in a state of shock, to the hospital.
“What we did is not heroism as you call it but a humanitarian act…we are really delighted that we saved a human life.”

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