24 black points and you are off the road

Major Salah Abdullah, Acting Head of Al Ain Traffic Section. (Supplied)

The Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate has begun a crackdown on errant drivers, withdrawing and cancelling licences.

According to a statement issued by the Traffic and Patrols Section 76 driving licences have withdrawn in Al Ain in July and two cancelled.

All motorists involved had violated traffic regulations.

Major Salah Abdullah, Acting Head of Al Ain Traffic Section, clarified that those who had their licences withdrawn had exceeded a cumulative total of 24 black points.

Abdulla clarified that the 24 black-points limit is reached when motorists commit multiple traffic-related offences, including wrongly overtaking, racing on the road or failing to stop when involved in an accident involving injuries.

Abdullah urged truck drivers to abide by traffic laws, particularly to speed limits.



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