3 things recruiters want to see on your LinkedIn profile

Your prospects of landing a job in the UAE or anywhere in the world will be stronger if you are active on the social media.

Not only do corporates use professional networking websites like LinkedIn to post hundreds and thousands of jobs on a regular basis, they also actively scan the profiles of potential candidates on such platforms to find a match for the jobs they may not have advertised.

It’ll help your chances if you keep your profile updated and to-the-point. To increase your chances of being considered by companies and recruiters for such opportunities, it’s important to include in your profile things that your potential employers are looking for.

Here are three important things that you ought not to miss on your LinkedIn profile.

Experience and skills

If you are looking to get hired, it’s important to state your experience and skills explicitly. Recruiters want to know you are the right candidate to do the job and do it better than other candidates. Details of your accomplishments and special skills are extremely important to land a job and giving instances to prove that takes you few steps closer.

Most recruiters, while looking for candidates, do a search based on skills and if you have clearly listed them you could show up first on that search list.


Recruiters also look at the kind of connections you can get if you are hired for the job. This may be more important for certain industries than others. Having connections means you can get more business for the employer. Here, quality is more important than quantity.


It’s important that others speak of your qualities and attributes than just yourself. And that’s why you need recommendations from others who have worked with you and vouch for you as a professional.

The best recommendations to get are from clients, from current and previous bosses and colleagues.

A previous recruitment survey from Reach employment services, a company into executive recruitment and white collar outsourcing, reveals that nearly half of the managers (42.22 per cent) use social networking sites to recruit potential hires.

Some (30.86 per cent) have also rejected prospective candidates due to questionable personal and/or professional traits observed about them online so it’s important to include what’s important and remove things which may show you as a non-serious candidate.


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