35 tons of tobacco seized in a tyres shop

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (ADM) has seized a large quantity of tobacco, estimated at 35,000 kilos in a tyre selling and repairing shop, at Al Diffaa Road, near Al Saadah Bridge, Abu Dhabi.

The quantity seized comprises 700 sacks, each weighing 50 KG in addition to 20 large barrels of raw tobacco, and 20 cartons comprising hundreds of bottles used for packing tobacco as well as processing, wrapping and grinding utensils. All quantities of tobacco, processing equipment and packing tools seized at site were confiscated.

Commenting on the operation, the Director of Public Health, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Khalifa Al Romaithi said that the operation took place when a team of inspectors, while doing their routine job, headed to the shop in question to communicate to them the need to transfer their business to Musaffah upon the expiry of their trading licence as part of the drive to relocate the occupational activities to Musaffah.

He added the inspection team, however, was surprised to note that the shop was engaged in practicing an unlicensed business. So the team inspected the shop and found the tobacco and processing equipment; which were seized.

He continued: "The offence reported is practicing a commercial activity unlicensed for the shop; which is in breach of the licence and health conditions and has the potential of causing harm as the facility lacks the healthy storage and packing conditions."

"The quantities seized in the shop were quite enormous and stored in a poor condition falling short of the healthy storage stipulations, especially as tobacco is very sensitive and creates an environment conducive to the growth of fungus coupled with the inadequate storage conditions; resulting in potentially adverse health impacts and risks."

Al Romaithi reiterated the municipality's keen attention to maintain the community's health and safety and called for the community to cooperate in combating the negative practices contrary to the applicable laws.

He stressed that the inspection campaigns and ambushes particularly for these harmful products were continuing and called upon all members of the community to immediately report any shop suspected of practicing outlawed activities.

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