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25 April 2024

5 driving tips to be safe on UAE roads

By Sneha May Francis

Anyone who has driven on UAE roads will tell you that apart from following traffic rules, which is the basic of any road safety, motorists are also tested on their patience and foresight.

Here, we look at 5 top traffic tips that will help to stay safe on the UAE roads.


Enough can’t be said about the need to maintain a safe distance between cars. According to the Dubai police, tailgating caused 42 deaths in the UAE in 2015. Violators face Dh400 fine and four black points. Road experts stress how maintaining distance between two cars allows motorists enough scope for speed adjustment and sudden breaks in case of emergencies, without harming the other drivers. Even when there’s slow moving traffic, it always pays to keep a “safe distance” between the other cars. This allows drivers to be well prepared and in control of their vehicles during emergencies or sudden surprises on the road.

Driving in fast lane

Each lane is clearly marked and the fastest lane stands on the left most side. While drivers are aware to stick to the speed limits, many slow drivers stick on the fast lane, and do not give way to the other drivers. The fast lane is, as the name suggests, for those that hit the upper limit of the speed allowed, so drivers who can see a faster car coming from the back, should put their right indicators on, and give way.

Hazard lights

Most motorists tend to ignore the need to use hazard lights in case of emergencies. Experts claim it helps immensely to warn other motorists of a hazard or an obstruction ahead. This will allow those drivers ample time to slow down, without having to jam their breaks. Also in case of some mechanical problem, drivers are tipped to shift to the slower lane, and leave their hazard lights on so they can indicate to the other drivers that there’s an issue with their car. In the UAE, however, motorists are often seen misusing the hazard lights. You often spot drivers parking illegally or dangerously with their hazard lights on.

Changing lanes

Majority of the motorists do not use indicators while changing lanes, leaving other motorists unprepared for their sudden swerves. In fact, some shift multiple lanes without any warning or indication, making it dangerous for other drivers. Violators are charged Dh200 and three black points by Dubai Police, yet it remains one of the top offences. On the other hand, there are motorists who do not allow other cars to move into their lane even if they put their indicators on. Not giving way to other drivers is an equally dangerous offence, which can set you back by Dh200 traffic fine.

Pedestrian crossing

Often motorists refuse to slow down, or give way to pedestrians to cross over. Motorists must slow down ahead of zebra crossings, and watch if there are any pedestrians. Not stopping for them can lead to Dh500 plus six black points. That’s not all, Dubai Police will penalize those stopping on the pedestrian crossing with Dh500 in fine.