50% fall in unemployment rate in Dubai

The percentage of unemployed people in Dubai has declined considerably compared to previous years.

According to a Labour Force survey by Dubai Statistics Centre, there was a 50 per cent decline in the unemployed residents of Dubai last year compared to that of 2009, reported Al Bayan.

The survey included only those residing and working in Dubai. Those residing outside Dubai but working in the emirate was not included.

The poll showed that non-Emarati population working in Dubai and living outside it make up 33.7 per cent of the total labour force of the emirate, which is about two million people.

Of the about 1,331,581 Dubai residents, 79.5 per cent were aged 15 years and above last year.

About 66.5 per cent have permanent residence, while non-Emirati population over 15 years of age who work is just 55,953 peple or 45.2 per cent.

About 59.2 per cent Emirati males are working while females account for 31.4 per cent.

Non-Emiratis working people above 15 years of age total about 1,275,628, forming 82.2 per cent of the total population of the non- Emiratis.

Meanwhile, the number of unemployed people totalled only 5,632, bringing the ratio down by 0.4 per cent.

About 94.3 per cent Emiratis in the UAE are into business.

Number of unemployed Emiratis is 3,170, while 46.1 per cent have college degrees and 43.2 per cent have school leaving certificates.


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