7 Guinness World Records for Dubai's Burj Khalifa [video]

Series of short films released to commemorating 60 years of Guinness World Records

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, a global icon and world’s tallest tower that hold seven Guinness World Records, has been honoured in the first part of 13-part series of short films released as part of the 60th anniversary celebration by Guinness World Records.

To commemorate 60 years of Guinness World Records, a series of short original films is released on Tuesday, celebrating some of the most iconic records that have been documented over the past six decades.

The series, hosted on the Guinness World Records World Records YouTube Channel YouTube Channel, includes tallest building featuring Burj Khalifa, fastest land speed record, first sub-four minute mile, highest mountain, first trans-Atlantic crossing in a hot air balloon and fastest 100 meters, records that have been the driving force behind so many great human achievements.

This fascinating ‘tallest building’ film tells the story of the Burj Khalifa, from its planning stages and the dramatic alteration in architecture that lead to the building growing the height of the Eiffel Tower to stand at a staggering 828 metres tall.

With contributions from Ahmed Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Burj, and visionary Lead Engineer William Baker, the film illuminates the engineering feats achieved by the hugely ambitious team.

Ahmad Al Falasi, Executive Director, Emaar Properties, the developer of Burj Khalifa, has been quoted by Guinness World Records, saying: “Challenge is in our routine. The challenge for us is to prove, to ourselves first, then to the rest of the world, that yes, we can.”

Burj Khalifa is the holder of a number of Guinness World Records titles such as

* Tallest Building – 828 meter

* Tallest man-made structure on land ever – 828 meter

* Highest residential apartments – 385 meter (beating John Hancock Centre Chicago - 343.5 meter)

* Most floors in a building – 160

* Highest restaurant from ground level – 441 meter

* Tallest elevator – 504 meter

* Highest observation deck - 555.7 meter (beating the Canton Tower, China – 488 meter)

The building’s 24,000 glass panels take over three months to clean with over 12,000 workers from over 100 countries having worked on the project.

A top structural engineer, who worked on designing Burj Khalifa, has said the tower’s "buttressed core design" holds the key to building super skyscrapers of the future.
The buttressed core design is a kind of three-winged spear that allows stability, viably usable space (as in not buried deeply and darkly inside a massively wide building) and limited loss of space for structural elements.

Over 45,000 cubic meters of concrete, weighing more than 110,000 tonnes was used to construct the concrete and steel foundation, which features 192 piles buried more than 50 meters deep. A total of 330,000 cubic meters of concrete and 39,000 tonnes of steel rebar has been used with construction taking 22 million man-hours.

The total weight of aluminum used is equivalent to that of five A380 aircraft and the total length of stainless steel bull nose fins is 293 times the height of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The 2,717-feet Burj Khalifa has 900 studio, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments, while there are 144 private Armani Residences.

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