7 ways your car can be seized in Dubai

Dubai residents have been handed the pink slip, with a new decree firmly putting the brakes on traffic offences, which have claimed 51 lives in the emirate in the first four months of the year.

The alarming statistics worsen further afield with the Ministry of Interior revealing 147 fatalities across the UAE roads during the first three months of 2015.

As Decree No. 29 of 2015 comes into effect, vehicles can now be seized by Dubai Police for the following seven traffic offences:

Racing without permission

Dubai Police shall seize vehicles that participate in races on the road illegally.

Earlier this year, the authority revealed over 82 vehicles were seized in the first half of 2015, driving over the speed of 200kmph and endangering lives.

Under the new decree, vehicles will be confiscated without prior permission.

The decree also specifies the fees for impounding of vehicles amounts to Dh100,000 for a vehicle, which participates in a race on the road without prior permission from the police.

Riding motorbikes on pavements

The decree also singles out motorbikes that indulge in recreational riding on paved roads, with a Dh50,000 fine for the offence and the vehicle seized.

Souped-up cars

If your vehicle has undergone fundamental changes with the aim to increase its speed or to create a loud noise while driving, then Dubai Police has the right to confiscate the vehicle under the new decree.

Non-payment of fines

Under the terms of the decree, Dubai Police shall seize a vehicle if the traffic fines exceed Dh6,000.

Driving without renewal

If a vehicle is being driven after the expiration of the license for a period of three months without renewing it and without an acceptable excuse, Dubai Police can confiscate it.

Being reckless

The police can also seize a vehicle which is driven recklessly or poses a danger to others.

Earlier, Dubai Police revealed statistics that indicated more than 13,000 drivers jumped red lights in Dubai in the first half of 2015 and such offences accounted for nearly a third of the total traffic violations recorded in the emirate during that period.

The new decree also states a non-national driver of a heavy-duty truck will be deported if he crosses a red light.

Escaping authorities

The decree further states anyone who tries to escape from the police will find their vehicles confiscated.

The decree authorises Dubai Police to auction vehicles impounded as per the provisions stipulated in Law No 23 of 2015 on the disposition of seized vehicles in the emirate.

This comes into effect if an owner does not take necessary procedures to reclaim the vehicle within three months of the confiscation.


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