8 bikers killed in 8 months on Dubai roads

Residents call for special tracks for bikers

The statistics from the Dubai Traffic Police show that bike accidents over the first eight months of the year 2012 stand at a staggering 64.

It is 6.4 per cent of the total accidents recorded in 2012.

Of the 64 recorded, eight motorists were reported dead while 66 were injured.

Many motorists have complained to Emirates24l7 about how bikers often ignore lane traffic.

“There should be a designated track for bikes. Often I find bikers going zigzag without any warning. One minute you see them in your rear-view mirror and the next minute they have crossed over to another lane,” describes Sheena Mathew, a regular on the Dubai roads.

“It is extremely dangerous,” adds motorist Sheldon. “The bikers just go about like they have a right to go anywhere. I’ve nearly missed knocking down a biker, because he suddenly swerved into my lane even though I had put the indicator to shift lanes.”

Most motorists are in agreement that the authorities must step up the safety standards for bikers. “A track for bikers will help solve this issue,” insists Catherine, a resident of Gardens.

According to the stats handed over to Emirates24l7, 64 accidents are registered between January 1 and August 30.

The situation surrounding bicycles too need to be highlighted. The stats show that eight bicycle accidents have been reported during the same period, with reports of one death and seven injured.

“In our area, we see so many cyclists who openly flaunt traffic rules. They even ride against the traffic flow, and this is extremely dangerous. If the driver is not careful it could be a head-on collision,” observes Al Nahda resident Sateesh.

“It’s just a matter of time before disaster strikes. Some cyclists jump traffic signals and even ride over pedestrian crossings even when the light is ‘red’,” adds another resident of the same area. “If we don’t drive carefully then accidents are inevitable.”

Some residents even reported that teenagers riding two-wheelers blindly ignore traffic rules. “It is extremely scary. They should be warned,” voices Daniel.

Many residing in Arabian Ranches and Gardens, who take up biking as a fitness regime, are concerned about their safety while riding. “With the weather improving, more people are taking up cycling as a sport. While only some gated communities have cycling tracks, there is still a lack of clarity over their purpose,” adds Liam.

“Most drivers, especially cabbies, ignore the tracks. They must be educated so that accidents can be averted.”


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