8 things to avoid eating during iftar and suhoor

As the observance of Ramadan enters what is likely to be its last week or so, the tendency mostly during iftar and suhoor is to eat whatever is in front of us -  given the rush of hunger and thirst felt.

Latifa Mohammed Rashid, head of the Nutrition Department,  Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah, says that many people make the mistake of not being aware of what they are eating – be at iftar or suhoor.
Here are her guidelines on what to avoid eating or drinking during the Ramadan meals.
1. Avoid drinking processed beverages and carbonated drinks made from milk and fruit as well as the synthetic ones. Stick to water and low-fat milk when breaking your fast.

Such drinks usually contain a lot of salt and only make you feel thirsty while you are fasting.

So break your fast with water and dates as it will give you sufficient amount of potassium you need to keep your body sugar levels balanced after a long day of fasting.
2. Besides, such drinks in general are not recommended. If you are addicted to one, try to drink it once a week and opt for fresh and natural fresh juices instead.
3. Avoid drinking cold or iced water during this hot weather as it can lead to stomach disorder.

4. Soups are the best to start your meal, but avoid soups with cream as they will only make you gain weight.
5. For the appetizers avoid having fried food and instead opt for grilled version. The best appetizers are salads.
6. Always feeling thirsty? This is usually because there is an imbalance of sodium levels in your body. Try to avoid salted nuts, pickles, chips and food that contain soya sauce.  
7. Say no to spicy food if you wish to avoid suffering from stomach problems during the day.
8. No one can resist desserts. They are the number one reason to gain weight. Stick to having dessert once a week.
Latifa Rashid says, “You can always find healthier substitutes, like fruit and low-fat products to fulfil the needs of your body.

“Setting a goal to lose weight during Ramadan is the best way to be motivated. And don’t forget that the most important thing during this holy month is achieving your spiritual goals,” she adds.

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