Abu Dhabi enforces visa-rent rule on private sector

But authorities say no need to have tenancy contract attested

Abu Dhabi began enforcing rules requiring private sector expatriate employees to submit a tenancy contract for their visa renewal but exempted them from having it attested, the semi official daily Alittihad said on Wednesday.

Immigration authorities said all private sector employees applying for residence or visit visa must now submit a tenancy contract, which should also be accompanied by a salary letter from employers, the paper reported.

“The rule for submitting a tenancy contract for visa issuance or renewal has not been suspended and is in force on all private sector employees,” the Abu Dhabi-based daily said, quoting immigration officials.

“But they can submit those contracts without having them attested…in this case, they should present a salary letter from their employers.”

The paper said the decision to exempt applicants from attesting their rent contracts at the Municipality is intended to facilitate the issuance or renewal of their visit and residence visas, adding that many foreigners live in apartments inside villas, which can not be attested.

“Those who live inside villas could find it very difficult to have their visas renewed…this decision will resolve the problem,” one official said.

“We want to facilitate their applications particularly at this stage as thousands of expatriates have their visas expire in summer and want to have them renewed before going home for their annual holidays.”


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