Abu Dhabi fatwa declares tattoos haram

Superficial drawings on skin allowed

A fatwa issued by the official Fatwa Centre in Abu Dhabi states that tattoos are haram.

However, in a report carried by Al Khaleej, the fatwa clarifies that only permanent tattoos are haram, but those using gold or paint to create a superficial drawing on the skin are allowed.

The fatwa came in response to a question from a woman to the centre in which she said she was operated in the lower abdomen and the surgery left traces.

She therefore wanted to get a surgery to cover the marks.

The fatwa issued by the centre, which is affiliated to the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, states: “We should differentiate between two things, tattoos and graphic drawing on body. Tattooing means to prick the skin with a needle and inject kohl or some other substance to change the skin color to blue or green. This is haram according to the consensus of scholars.”


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