Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority intensifies food safety campaigns during Ramadan

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, ADFCA, has executed, in all areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, a comprehensive and intensified campaign on shops and retail outlets, which include 197 grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

This is being done to check the validity of food products on sale and special offers for the Holy Month of Ramadan, and to ensure the application of health and food safety standards in these establishments.

The campaign resulted in handing out 15 alerts, 125 warnings and one ticket to food establishments for not committing to certain standards and conditions required by the authority. It was also clear that the general health condition of the establishments is very good in terms of storing and displaying food products, while the inspectors of the authority also raised the awareness of shop owners about following the safe methods of transferring, storing and displaying food products at appropriate temperatures, as well as the importance of making sure that their special offers are clear to the public through the use of food cards.

Thamer Al Qasimi, Official Spokesperson of ADFCA, said that the summer period and the Holy Month will witness heavy monitoring and inspections on all food establishments in Abu Dhabi by the authority’s inspectors, due to the special nature of this period with its higher temperatures and increased public’s demand for buying food products. He also stressed that their inspection campaigns are not only limited to discovering violations and transgressions but also include highlighting food safety awareness as a major part of limiting wrongful practices and strengthening the principles of food safety in the emirate’s markets.

Al Qasimi called on the public to check the adequacy of food products before buying and communicating with the authority about any information or complaints related to food safety, through its accounts on social media or the free phone number of the Abu Dhabi Government (800555).