Abu Dhabi hosts Friends of Syria Working Group

The first meeting of the Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development of the Friends of the Syrian People (the Working Group), was held in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, with the participation of more than 60 countries and representatives from the Syrian National Council.

In his opening speech, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash welcomed members of the Working Group and the designated representatives of the Syrian National Council.

"Today's meeting gives a clear message to the Syrian people and to the friends of Syria that many reasons make us optimistic about the future of Syria and facing the attempts of those who seek to spread fears about communal clashes and violence," he said.

Dr Gargash reiterated the international community's commitment to supporting the Syrian people ride out the current crisis.

The speech was followed by four presentations by the UAE, UK, Germany, and the European Union. The UAE presentation focused on the key ingredients for an efficient and productive economy, based on transparency and good governance , as well as flexible regulatory frameworks and attractive business environment.

Osama Al Qadi, Chairman of the Economic Bureau of the Syrian National Council introduced the Council's National Economic Vision for the New Syria which details plans for the economic reconstruction and development of post-conflict Syria.


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