Abu Dhabi population hits 3m, fertility rate up to 3.7 per citizen-female

Newly-published figures from the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi show the emirate's live births increase 317.2 percent from what it was in 1977, with the total population amounting to 2.9 million by the end of 2016, a growth of 4.4 percent as compared to 2015 official census.

Of the total population, 551,535 are Emiratis, 51 percent of whom are males and 48 percent females.

Fertility rate is estimated at 3.7 per each local female, and 1 per non-citizen female.

In more detail, the report showed that Abu Dhabi Region's total population amounted to 1.807 million in 2016, accounting for 62.14 percent of the emirate's total population, while Al Ain Region's population stood at 766,936, a growth of 26.4 over 2015. Al Dhafra Region's population hit 334,000, a growth of 11.9 percent.

More than half of Emirati live births in 2016 were delivered in Abu Dhabi Region, making up 54.3 percent of the total national births, with Al Ain Region accounting for 41.1 percent and Al Dhafrah 3.4 percent.

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