Abu Dhabi school report: 86 improve

Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) has released the findings of its school inspection report card for private schools, highlighting that 86 schools have shown improvement.

“Out of the 124 schools that were inspected in the three cycles, 25 schools remain at the same grade level, and 13 slipped ranks by at least one grade,” said Al Hamad Al Dhaheri, PSQA’s executive director.

“The overall effectiveness grade improved for 69 per cent of private schools between Cycle One and Cycle Three inspections (2009 to 2015), which shows an overall improvement in the education system across private schools.”

Effective September 2015 and in line with this year’s JoD - Innovation campaign, the UAE School Inspection Framework has been reduced from eight to six performance standards.

These standards include: students’ achievement; students’ personal, social development and their innovation skills; teaching and assessment; curriculum; the protection, care guidance and support of students; leadership and management.

In an effort to encourage schools to network with one another with regard to some of their best practices and improvement trends, three Band B schools shared their dramatic progress throughout the year.

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